What we did in class today:

Reading- We talked a lot about Voice and read another chapter from Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. Using comprehension cards, we explored how much we already knew about the story just from reading the first two chapters! We also started working on Inference by drawing conclusions about what was about to happen or what some things inside the story meant (for example, the Preacher wasn’t really listening to Opal when she came home from the store until she mentioned someone staying with them for a while. Ask your student how we figured that out!).

HOMEWORK= Unit 2 vocabulary- Week 1 menu items. Three assignments from the week 1 menu will be due on Friday!

Math- We talked about the Properties of Addition and Subtraction today, since these WILL come up again when we talk about multiplication and division!



Grammar- We are starting our Big ‘Ol Verb page in our notebooks and action verbs are the easiest thing to talk about there so we started with that!

Writing- We are starting some RAFT writing, where I give them a role, an audience, a format and a topic and they get to go crazy writing their piece to publish each week. Our focus for this writing piece will be Voice, since that’s what we’re talking about in Reading, too. This week’s RAFT is:

Role- an Environmentalist

Audience- Aliens from Mars

Format- a story

Topic- our favorite season

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Social Studies- We are beginning our exploration of the Native American Tribes. Today we chose the tribes we’d like to research so we could get started!

HOMEWORK- Begin researching your tribe!

Science- We continued our discussion about Food Chains, talking about how our Oh, Deer! activity last week presented information relative to a food chain and how natural selection works in an environment.


Hope everyone had a great day! 🙂